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Welcome to Digital and Savvy

Welcome to Digital and Savvy – a blog and podcast about communications and PR in the region Digital and Savvy is a blog about communications in the Middle East. It’s...
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6 Real Differences between PR and Advertising- Revealed

understanding the basic difference between PR vs advertising and why do companies need both these industries Brands listen up! Public relations and advertising are two very distinct industries, even though...
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Why you should invest in good PR

The role that PR plays, regardless of the size of your company, has become more important than ever. The PR industry has been one of the most disrupted industries -...
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Managing a crisis and why it’s important for everyone

A media scandal can ruin reputations, lose loyal consumers and ultimately, destroy a business.  Bad press can happen to anyone at any time. It’s not just the big businesses, like...
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Building a Personal Brand

Some may feel it’s a bit of a narcissistic exercise – building yourself up as a personal brand, but it’s no longer that. Building yourself as a personal brand can...

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