Voice and audio is the fastest growing form of media, with thousands of podcasts popping up in hundreds of categories.

Audio is portable, quick to digest, and easy to absorb. And with a huge range of podcasts available, there is quite literally, something for everyone.

The market is growing fast, and businesses need to get on board.

In episode 5 of Savvy Talk, Gary Vaynerchuk said businesses should be in the podcast business because it’s quick, easy and educational. “Humans always lean into the things with the least amount of friction. Voice has the least amount of friction. Voice is going to save time. It’s faster to voice than it is to text. It will ultimately win once all the infrastructure is in place.”

“Businesses need to a) be in the podcast business just to get comfortable with voice dynamics and b) They should probably build their first, not very good, not overly expensive, skill – and briefing on Alexa – just to taste it, and it matters because it’s where the customer’s attention is going to be.”

It shows, with big businesses like Majid Al Futtaim choosing to partner with Will.i.am for voice services to order groceries, just how it’s becoming the media form of choice for many.

It’s only set to grow even bigger, with businesses looking to podcasts to get their message across.

It’s a useful tool if you have stories or information to share and want to add value to people’s lives. And you can do it too – it’s relatively simple to get your podcast out there.

And it can grow your audience.

Maha says: “You’re going to reach a new audience, you’re going to get traffic to your website, you’re going to have visibility for your brand. You need to be where your consumers are and consumers are adapting. Some of them are online on Snapchat, some of them are on YouTube, some of them are on Instagram, and some of them don’t do social media at all. And then they go to things like podcast where they can get their brain candy.”

They’re low cost, low risk and are a powerful tool to share your knowledge. So get out there and start podcasting!