The Future Of Work

The future is already here, and how we work has dramatically shifted. This workshop is for managers and employees who want to understand how the future of work is defined. This course is built on three main pillars – upskilling, leadership, and culture. How technology is shaping the workplace goes beyond buzzwords like automation, the gig economy, and AI.

The future of work has a whole new narrative and the conversation has accelerated so fast, you need to understand your role in the biggest opportunities that are yet to come.

Proposed Agenda


From: 9:00 am to 1:00 pm with coffee break. Sessions are interactive and allow for Q&A and engaging dialogues.



  • How to develop and grow your teams with training
  • How to determine what level of training is required to assess your teams’ abilities to adopting the disruption mindset
  • How to invest in a scalable training program for your organization
  • How you can incorporate a lifelong learning mindset in the culture of the organization
  • What are the skills of the future?


  • The importance of leading with empathy and kindness
  • Managing digital natives in the workplace
  • Critical leadership attributes of the future workforce
  • Hiring for the new world


  • Developing your culture throughout the organization
  • Promoting your values Inspiring workplace innovation
  • Turning your teams into your brand ambassadors


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