We’ve told you how useful podcasts are, and how fast they are growing, and there’s a treasure trove of podcasts to help you with professional development and self-improvement, crime and thriller ones, news ones, general knowledge and basically anything you could think of.

Here are some of the genres Digital & Savvy recommends and a few in each category to whet your appetite.


General Knowledge

Learn about random historical events, trivia, and dazzle your friends at the next dinner party with your completely random knowledge of saunas, World War Two and basically anything and everything. There are general knowledge podcasts for personal development, random facts, and health and wellness too.

  1. Freakonomics: hosted by Stephen Dubner, journalist, and author of the best-selling Freakonomics books, this weird and wonderful podcast ‘explores the hidden side of everything’.
  2. The Joe Rogan Experience: Comedian and sports commentator, Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts in the world if you want to laugh and learn at the same time, this one’s for you.
  3. Supersoul, by Oprah: Oprah’s podcast is all about wellness, and discovering the deeper meaning of the world around you. She interviews celebrities looks into book reviews and helps you with personal development.



Up your professional game with podcasting, from leadership learning, to scaling a business, hear interviews with success stories, and learn and develop your own strategies.  


    1. Masters of Scale: Learn how companies grow to multinational level, with interviews from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, to Netflix’s Reed Hastings, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and Spanx’s Sara Blakely, hosted by Reid Hoffman.  
    2. How I Built This, With Guy Raz: Learn how some of the world’s biggest companies were built up, like Airbnb, TOMS, Kickstarter, Burton Snowboards and more. Guy Raz interviews the founders of entrepreneurs.


  • Coaching For Leaders: If you’re new to management or struggling with it, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by author, Dave Stachowiak, you can learn about how to best interact with your team, how you can be a better manager, and how companies can work more efficiently.




Time constraints in today’s world mean we don’t always have time to sit down and watch the news. Get your hit of current affairs with some easily digestible news podcasts, whether you want the quick snippets of what’s going on or a more in-depth look at current affairs.

  1. BBC Global News Podcast: get a 30-minute rundown of everything happening in the headlines around the world. A great one to catch up on global affairs, without taking too much time and it comes out daily.
  2. Beyond The Headlines, The National: The National newspaper dives into the trending stories around the world, and goes deeper.
  3. The Daily, New York Times: The Daily is a 30-minute daily podcast that takes a deeper dive into the world’s headlines and news stories.


Female Empowerment

Celebrate success stories of women, overcoming obstacles and hitting the big time with female empowerment stories. There are many telling the stories and interviewing women about how they go to where they are.

  1. When Women Win: One of the MENA region’s most popular podcasts, Rana Nawas interviews ‘boss ladies’ from all walks of life. She learns about their daily challenges and hears their stories.
  2. Skimm’d from the Couch: theSkimm’s co-founders started their business working on the couch. This podcast invites other powerful females to chat about their journeys to success.
  3. Jump Start: Get a crash course in entrepreneurship with Away’s co-founder, Jen Rubio. From attracting angel investors to delivering pitches, this is a business podcast with a twist.



Podcasts are not just limited to the English language, and in this region, there are plenty of Arabic language podcasts that offer a variety of genres.  

  1. The MSTDFR Show is another of the MENA region’s most popular podcasts, presented in ‘Arablish’, The Mstdfr Show describes itself as a geeky podcast, and discusses science, culture, tech, and entertainment.
  2. Abajora is an inspirational podcast in Arabic by Lubna Al Khamis – the region’s number one Arabic podcast, which is also now streaming on Emirates Airline
  3. Fnjan – which literally translates to mean “coffee cup” is a variety show, where the host interviews interesting guests in an unplugged and upbeat format.

Check ar-podcast.com for a directory of all the Arabic podcasts available – there’s something for everyone in Arabic too.