We’ve talked about the power of voice, and why it is an up and coming medium. And you should be investing in audio as a medium for your business, to tap into new audiences, share your knowledge and expand your marketing.

Here, Maha gives tips on how to start your own podcast.


Step 1

Step one is start listening. Maha says in Savvy Talks episode five: “Start listening. Consume content to get comfortable with the format. Ask your friends what they recommend.” Get a feel for what you like, and what works.


Step 2

The next step is to think about what you should sound like – is this an upbeat tone, or something more serious? How do you want to come across to your audience?


Step 3

Maha says next up, is choosing your relevant topic. She says: “The third thing you should think about is what would you be passionate about in sharing with others, so as it relates to you or your brand? So are you doing a podcast about cooking or are you doing a podcast about refugees? Are you a travel company and you want to start profiling great destinations to travel to on a budget?”


Step 4

Once you’ve decided on content, the fourth step is to start recording – on your smartphone or buy a microphone. But start creating that content.

Maha says: “All you need is a phone and a microphone. So you can buy a microphone from any technology or tech store or electronics store.”


Step 5

Following on from that, posting regularly is key, choose a regular day to record and post your podcast. Savvy Talk goes live every Monday on all channels, so people know when to expect it. Consistency is key.


Step 6

Finally, ask for and embrace feedback. Maha says: “Think about engaging. So use your podcast to reinforce your brand and engage with audiences that you care about. I always like to say, give me some feedback, give me a review, ask me a question.” Listen to people and build on it.

So go get podcasting, and let us know how you go! Tag us at @digitalandsavvy on social media.