Executive Media Training

Communicating confidently and effectively through the media has never been more critical. This course is designed to build confidence, establish standards of best practice and improve techniques in communicating on camera for a press interview, social media shoots, and speeches. The class is interactive and is for anyone who wants to communicate better. We will have you camera-ready so you are prepared to handle a variety of media encounters.


A core pillar of our media training is the key messages. We will practice how to deliver them, master them, and weave them effectively into your narrative. This is a powerful skill to have no matter what industry you are in is helpful to learn how to pivot in difficult situations or publicity when you have something positive to share!

Proposed Agenda


An outline of course, a timetable for the day, and review participants needs.



Teach what journalists want and a professional approach to the media. Different types of media.

Provide practical advice on what to do before and during an encounter or interview with journalists. We will provide advice on the techniques of delivering key messages into answers and how to handle hard questions. Discuss key messages and their relevance for mass media and how they can be altered and used in interview situations. How those messages can be modified for use in interview situations.

As well as conduct a discussion of audiences, communications objectives, and development of impactful messages for use in real-life interview situations.



Body language, presentation style, and interview/studio/camera techniques – dos and don’t



Here we do an actual mock interview. This includes a simulation with a camera, lights, and microphone. After the mock interview, we review the interview and sharpen the skills based on your performance and give you feedback to improve on body language, message delivery and interview effectiveness. This is the favorite part of the class for participants.


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