Doing PR Through Social Media

PR can be amped up volumes if you know how to leverage social media and provide the news organizations cool content for their channels.  The best way to win is to help them deliver shareable and snackable content their followers will love.


What is Shareable Content?

  • Your aim is to create content that someone wants to share. A story worth telling if you will. Think about what kinds of stories you like to share on your personal Facebook page or a tweet you have retweeted – thats shareable content. It’s something you love that you want to share!


What is Snackable Content?

  • We all have limited attention spans so you want to provide content that is snackable – something that is easy to digest and easy to consume – like a snack! Everybody loves to snack – so why not give them some fun snackable content?


Customize Your Content

  • Exclusivity of social content is key so don’t create a cool instagram video and then just share it with all of your media contacts. Customize your content for them – what’s suitable for Harper’s Bazaar’s instagram account is not the same as Entrepreneur Magazine’s instagram account. It’s not one size fits all. The most effective communicators -whether it be brands or people – know their audience – and speak to them in a way that fits them. Appeal to their needs not your needs.


Co-Create Content with News Organizations

  • Why not work with a popular news outlet to co-create customized content with them! They love that and it offsets costs for them to have you develop something with their buy in that they would find useful and that fits their brand guidelines and news style. Nothing feels better than wearing something that is actually your size, so work with them to co-create something that is just the right fit. And remember, branded content needs to be authentic so it doesn’t come across too commercial. Authenticity wins.


Extra points?

Want to (l)earn some extra points? You’re welcome.

Embed It. Provide video content in embeddable links so they can add it to their stories quickly.

Make it Shareable. Add a button to allow the press to share directly to multiple social platforms immediately.

Make it Mobile Friendly. Websites and mobile sites have different versions and formats and Google search for example, indexes and searches them differently. Be valuable and share content in both formats to make their jobs easier and your content to get more air time.

Follow the Leader. Want to know the types of content gets published? Follow all your favorite content sites and see what they publish – those are the types of content you need to share with them!