Some may feel it’s a bit of a narcissistic exercise – building yourself up as a personal brand, but it’s no longer that.

Building yourself as a personal brand can help connect with communities, give out valuable information that others may not know, and help grow your business.

In episode two of Savvy Talk, Maha explains: ‘Personal branding is about leadership, and personal branding is about reputation management.’

One of the key trends for 2019 is personalization and humanization. Having a personal brand presence on social media will help give your brand a voice, and a human element that will improve sentiment.

Maha says it’s important because you have expertise in your field that you can share with the world, explaining: ‘people can benefit from what you know.’

Make-up artist, Huda Kattan is a prime example of a successful personal brand that has translated into a successful business.

The make-up blogger turned mogul has built a beauty empire thanks to hard work and perseverance, paired with a massive online presence and personality.

What began, as her sharing her professional insight into the world of make-up, is now an international beauty brand that’s in hot demand.

Building your brand starts with social media. Claim your handles across social media – lock in those Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube pages with the same handle on each one.

Then, choose your niche – choose your specialty and what you know.

Write a personal brand mission, be clear on who you are, and what you want to communicate – Maha says: ‘A brand mission is critical to keeping you true to what you really want to achieve.’

The next step – a digital audit. ‘So go through, look at your bio – what does your bio say? What does your profile picture say? What does your cover photo say? Do you have all your information filled out? If you’re looking for a job on LinkedIn, is your profile complete? Do you have a URL where people can contact you? Do you have an email address where people can reach out to you? Do yourself good, and complete this checklist.’

And last, but not least – creating. Start creating content that taps into your passion, in any format you want. Give your audience something to come back to.

By starting here, you can create a compelling personal brand that can grow your business and help improve brand sentiment.