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5 Tips on Better Phone Photography

There has never been a better time for photographers to tell stories! Phone cameras are getting smarter (tech is on the rise!) and camera manufacturers are really catering to users lifestyle needs. The best part is that photography gadgets are available for everyone online anytime! If you have the budget, you could even get yourself a fancy photography kit online.

But if you truly want to master the art of photography, I suggest to take it slow, save on your impulse purchases, and use your current modest resources in learning how to capture a good photo first. Yep, through your mobile phone.

Like I just mentioned, technologies are on the rise, that includes your mobile device and the glorious digital cameras they have built in them these days.

Here are 5 tips on how to capture better photos using your phone:

Go to the Light!

Lighting is very important for mobile photography. Try to have the light behind you and above you and/or the subject you are shooting. Choose the best angle to use the light. Aim for early morning or late evening – that is the perfect time for good light. It’s called the “golden hour”

Flash is a No No!
Don’t use the mobile flash as your source of light. Mobile phones do not have the best kind of flash, and they make the photos lose their natural color. Here is a trick, if you do not have enough natural light for the scene you are shooting, you can use another phone’s continuous flashlight as your source of light. This will reduce the noise in your photo if you take it with your built-in camera flash.

Avoid Zooming

There are two types of zooming: The optical zoom and the digital zoom. Optical zoom is provided by zoom lenses, they’re more expensive yet produce very good quality photos. Digital zoom, on the other hand, is the type of zoom mobile phones provide. They reduce the quality of the photo and make them pixelated. So get on your feet and move closer to the subject you want to shoot. Get up instead of swiping that zoom button.

Black & White Can Save Your Photo
Sometimes we can’t always control the exposure, especially with digital cameras. The light can be too much or too low. A smart way to avoid risking the color quality of your photo is going B&W. It’s also a good way to reduce the noise.

Forever Practice!
Bring up your mobile screen brightness and take lots of photos!
Do your research. Experiment in different lights. Indoor. Outdoor. Shoot people, objects, food, plants, and landscapes. Discover your style and explore the potential of your phone. Test different editing apps.
Finally, the most important thing is you need to be passionate about photography.

Nourane Owais

Nourane is a photographer, artist and vlogger from Cairo. She began her career at Microsoft where she was part of the team that launched Windows 8. That is when she caught the tech bug and expanded her career and joined Google to serve on the Marketing team. Nourane worked with partners and the community to educate them on everything about digital advertising and marketing and became an avid user of YouTube. Through the power of the web she taught herself how to create a powerful voice on YouTube and learned how to become a renowned photographer and watercolor artist. She specializes in digital content composition, storytelling and how to deliver beautiful content that appeals to consumers.

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