At Rise Up in Cairo I got to share the stage with Brian Wong, CEO of KIIP. To prepare for my interview with him, I ordered his new book Cheat Code. I read it in one day – it was a fast read and so interesting I couldn’t put it down. The book has 71 Cheat Codes on how to get ahead and go off script to get there faster.

Brian’s personal story is incredible. He graduated from college at 18 (that’s when most graduate from High School). Before he turned 25 he raised nearly $25 million in venture capital for his mobile advertising company which does action based mobile advertising. Brian wanted to disrupt the ad industry by leaning into a brand truth that people don’t like ads. KIIP offers a new way for people to fall in love with products by getting ads they actually want through rewards and gaming.

I loved interviewing him because Brian’s energy is endless and tells it like it is.

My favorite cheat codes from his book

  1. Skills and degrees. It’s more important to have skills – so educate up and acquire as many skills as you can. With platforms like YouTube and Udacity to Lynda and LinkedIn Learning – get online and teach yourself.
  2. ABP = Always be pitching. Don’t pitch your business, pitch your yourself. Start building your personal brand!
  3. Audacity differentiates. Forget about fitting in — find the best ways to be different. Talk more about this
  4. Find a 3rd way – Brian’s new way to problem solve. Go beyond Plan A and Plan B. Find a third way to get it done.
  5. Superpower – Everybody has a superpower. These are our obsessions – things we are actually really good at. What’ your superpower and how are you using it? If you’re not using it – find a way to start using it today.


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