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Welcome to Digital and Savvy a blog about communications in the Middle East. Digital and Savvy was created as a platform to share my experience in the region about the value being created here across PR, digital marketing, Arabic content and social media. I am proud to have some amazing contributors who are part of this blog as well. Every week you will see new experts joining! 

Maha Abouelenein

Maha Abouelenein is one of the MENA region’s top communications executives. From working with tech giants like Google and Netflix to homegrown regional brands like Careem and Orascom, Maha has built her career advising Fortune 500 companies, high growth tech startups, and top government bodies in the USA, UAE, and Egypt. She is the founder of Organizational Consultants, and now DigitalandSavvy.com. Raised and educated in Minnesota (USA) to Egyptian parents, she is home in both West and Arab worlds. She thrives on storytelling, building scalable campaigns, and thought leadership. Maha is a Mentor in Residence for TechStars and works with start-ups across the region to learn how to maximize their reputation currency and communicate better.